We specialise in door-to-door leaflet distribution to residential premises in the West London, parts of Surrey and Middlesex areas.

What we do

West London Promotions Limited provides an efficient & carefully supervised delivery service of leaflets, circulars, booklets, magazines & more.

Every client is provided with an area road sheet stating exact number of houses delivered to each street.

In addition we have a team of distribution checkers who ensure your leaflets are delivered neatly & accurately.

The Distribution Process can be separated into 4 parts:


1. Area – 2. Quantity – 3. Delivery – 4. Accuracy


1. Area

The client can choose from the list of distribution locations using the Area maps provided. Each map has been broken down into 1,000 households & numbered for their selection. Inevitably, the location(s) chosen will depend on the target area the client has in mind.


2. Quantity

Having chosen which area(s) of distribution, will indicate how many leaflets you would require for coverage. The minimum quantity is 1,000 and there is no maximum quantity. We are happy to collect your distribution material at no extra cost if you are located within our distribution areas


3. Delivery

West London Promotions will then undertake the delivery of the above literature to the selected locations within an agreed or reasonable time period specified. Please note that leaflets are NOT delivered separately but will be distributed with two to three leaflets from non-competing companies, unless SOLUS distribution has been requested


4. Accuracy

Once the leaflets have been delivered, West London Promotions provide the client with ROAD SHEETS to verify exactly which houses in each location have received their literature. In addition to the client checking the validity of these road sheets, WLP also employ full-time road checkers to ensure that the houses stated have indeed received the client’s leaflets.